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hxcsxe's Journal

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This is a community for people to talk about hxc/sxe, album reviews, show reviews, news, zines, etc. Keep it around hxc & sxe, either or. ANY POST THAT SHOWS NO CONNECTION TO HARDCORE OR SxE WILL BE DELETED UPON SIGHT.

18 visions, 25 ta life, 7 seconds, across 5 aprils, adamantium, afi, agnostic front, american nightmare, arkangel, as friends rust, atreyu, avail, bane, blood for blood, boy sets fire, breathe in, bridge nine records, broken by silence, burden, cave in, chain of strength, clenched fist, closed casket diary, codeseven, committed, converge, cursive, daeva, darkest hour, death by stereo, death threat, deathwish records, deep elm records, dillinger escape plan, discount, earth crisis, edge, endeavor, ensign, equal vision records, eulogy records, evergreen terrace, everytime i die, farside, fast times, ferret records, floorpunch, fortitude, from autumn to ashes, glasseater, glassjaw, good riddance, gorilla biscuits, grade, h20, hardcore, hatebreed, hopesfall, hot water music, i hate myself, ignite, indecision records, initial records, intention, jets to brazil, keepsake, kill your idols, kite flying society, knives out, last in line, llbnf, loss for words, love is red, madball, mineral, minor threat, modern day arcade, morning again, most precious blood, murphy's law, nerve agents, nora, nyhc, one king down, piercings, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, positive youth, raised fist, reach the sky, refused, remembering never, revelation records, right brigade, saetia, saved by grace, seraphin, shai hulud, shark attack, shelter, shutdown, sick of it all, skarhead, snapcase, south florida hardcore, straight edge, stretch arm strong, strife, strike anywhere, strongarm, suicidal tendencies, sworn enemy, sxe, tattoos, ten yard fight, terror, the dillenger escape plan, the faint, the hope conspiracy, the locust, the misfits, the used, this day forward, thought riot, thrice, throwdown, thursday, true friends, trustkill records, turning point, undecided records, underoath, unearth, until the end, vegan, veganisim, vegetarians, victory records, walls of jericho, xxx, zao